Thirteen Scary Stories

If you’ve finished The Encanto and and looking for what to what to read while you’re waiting for LA FOG part two, Wayob’s […]

Speaking of Magic

The Encanto, LA FOG part 1, is finally available! Order your copy today! While researching the novel, I had the privilege of […]


Sleep is a universal human experience. It’s essential to life—but why? Why must we spend a third of our lives sleeping? Medical […]

Four Fall Reads

Dear Readers, It’s October. Of course, I’m obligated to shamelessly plug The Encanto which comes out on the fourteenth. So […]

The Secret to Writing in Two Simple Steps

How do you write? It’s a question often asked of writers and one we love to answer because we each have our different opinions. Many […]

What Happened to the Ancient Mayans?

In grade school, I was taught that the ancient Mayans had vanished. A whole civilization, with temples that rose into the sky, with […]

The Encanto, Available for Pre-order

Dear Readers, Years of writing in the pre-dawn hours as fog drifted over the city has finally gelled into something I hope you’ll […]

Strange Cravings

It’s amazing how much has changed in the weeks since my last article in which I wrote about how fast COVID-19 was spreading and how […]

Why I’m Afraid of COVID-19, and Why I Go On Living

Skimming through recent headlines, COVID-19 sounds like the beginning of the end, the apocalypse approaching. It feels like we’re on […]

Before the Sun Hits Audiobook

Good morning Readers, The audiobook for Before the Sun Hits has hit!  Check it out on iTunes or Amazon/Audible Want a free copy? I’ll […]

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