The Encanto, Available for Pre-order

Dear Readers,

Years of writing in the pre-dawn hours as fog drifted over the city has finally gelled into something I hope you’ll enjoy. I am excited to announce that The Encanto, LA FOG part 1, is available for pre-order now!

An ancient Mayan artifact, smuggled into Los Angeles, unexpectedly alters three lives in bizarre ways.

Gray, an aspiring artist struggling to provide for his family, Claire, his insomniac wife, and Ashley York, a wealthy socialite striving to make it as a real actress, find their paths crashing together, their dreams and their very identities threatened. Meanwhile, Saul Parker, a detective and hobbyist magician who is self-conscious about his weight, strives to solve a strange case that seems impossible to comprehend. Only Wayob, a mysterious chameleon-like killer, has a grasp on the dangerous power that has consumed his life and now infiltrates the others.

The Encanto is a character-based mystery about how the choices we make inform our identity.

As the novel grinds toward publication in the next few months, I’ll have more to say. Stay tuned….


Arthur Swan