Dark Energy

LA DAWN, the highly anticipated final installment of LA FOG, has just been released and is now available for purchase. Click here to get your copy!

If you’ve read the previous volumes, you’re familiar with the remarkable powers of the Encanto. Although it may seem like magic, it’s actually technology developed by ancient Mayans, technology beyond the comprehension of the characters in this story.

One of the possibilities hinted at in LA DAWN is dark energy, a phenomenon that astrophysicists have measured based on the accelerating rate of the universe’s expansion. According to their measurements dark energy makes up 68% of the universe. 68% and they’re not sure what it is! Dark matter, which physicists also don’t understand, accounts for 27% of the universe. This leaves only five percent that us humans currently can observe and understand. Five percent. Given our current powers of observation, that’s all we can know.

Scientists have speculated that dark energy exists everywhere in space. It has no physical form. It’s inside you. It’s inside me. We’re all connected through dark energy. But what is it? No one knows.

In LA FOG, the antagonist, Wayob, lacks a physical body and is therefore essentially a ghost. Although science offers no empirical evidence of ghosts, many people who believe ghosts believe they are composed of energy. So perhaps, ghosts could use dark energy to interact with the physical world. So maybe it’s dark energy that Wayob uses to transmigrate from one human to the next.

The mysteries surrounding dark energy provide a backdrop for the story of LA FOG. Don’t miss out on the final installment of this series. Get your copy today!

Happy reading!