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Strange Cravings

It’s amazing how much has changed in the weeks since my last article in which I wrote about how fast COVID-19 was spreading and how policy makers weren’t taking it seriously. Since then, the number of deaths doubled every week. The problem became impossible to ignore. Government officials reacted, thankfully, better late than never. But […]

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Why I’m Afraid of COVID-19, and Why I Go On Living

Skimming through recent headlines, COVID-19 sounds like the beginning of the end, the apocalypse approaching. It feels like we’re on the precipice of a pandemic that will shape human history, for those who survive. But our president says it’s no big deal, and then to reassure us, he put his top man on the case, […]

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Before the Sun Hits Audiobook

Good morning Readers, The audiobook for Before the Sun Hits has hit!  Check it out on iTunes or Amazon/Audible Want a free copy? I’ll email a gift link to the first five responses! So if you haven’t read it yet, or you want to experience it again, listening will provide more entertainment than reading the book, if you’re into audio, because […]

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Before the Sun Hits

Dear Readers, Before the Sun Hits is published! Check it out. The e-book is just $2.99! That’s less than a gallon of gas in California! And who wants to waste half an hour driving around when you could be reading Before the Sun Hits? You could get the paperback too. Sorry its more expensive (my […]

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The Three Body Problem Problem

Three Body Problem was the original title for my novel, Before the Sun Hits. Unfortunately, as we were editing and starting on the cover, another science fiction novel entitled The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin was published, before I could get mine out. I still like “Three Body Problem” because it refers to both literal and figurative themes […]

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