LA FOG Omnibus Collector’s Edition Hardback!

Dear Readers,

Are you a fan of LA FOG? Do you relish the feeling of a finely crafted hardcover in your hands? If so, then I’ve got exciting news: The omnibus, hardback edition of LA FOG is now available for purchase! With all four novels combined into one fat hardback, you can experience the magic all over again and like never before. If you enjoyed the LA FOG series, then you’ll love this collector’s edition! And if you haven’t yet read it, then now’s your chance to embark on an incredible journey:

In Los Angeles, an aspiring artist struggling to provide for his family and a celebrity socialite striving to make it as a real actress find their paths crashing together. Their dreams, their identities, and ultimately their lives are threatened by a mysterious chameleon-like killer unleashed from an ancient Mayan artifact.

Meanwhile, Saul Parker, a detective and hobbyist magician, struggles to understand a bizarre string of murders, but nothing about his investigation is going well. Worse, he develops a strange gap in his memory that he can’t explain….

LA FOG is an intricately woven, character-based mystery about how the choices we make inform our identity.

I think you’ll enjoy LA FOG, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Arthur Swan

PS: Looking for the ideal gift for a fellow fan? The LA FOG hardback is the perfect choice. It will be cherished for years to come!