Before the Sun Hits Audiobook

Before the Sun Hits Audiobook

Good morning Readers,

The audiobook for Before the Sun Hits has hit!  Check it out on iTunes or Amazon/Audible

Want a free copy?
I’ll email a gift link to the first five responses!

So if you haven’t read it yet, or you want to experience it again, listening will provide more entertainment than reading the book, if you’re into audio, because while writing Before the Sun Hits, I imagined how it would sound aloud.

To get a taste, here is a video of yours truly reading the beginning:

My apologies for the terrible accents. Next time I’ll be writing out all difficult accents.

Thanks to my wife, Jen, for letting me turn off the roaring heater, while recording in cold months.

And please share your thoughts. I watch reviews like a hawk, trust me. I love reading your feedback, and getting a bunch of reviews is key to getting off the ground.